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With a very humble start in a small corner of our lounge, Grab-U-Graphics was born. The name started out as  joke and then before long the idea grew on me and then eventually stuck. Grab-U-Graphics was not just a signage company, but an ideas factory where endless dreams and possibilities were becoming a reality. An ideas workshop where any ordinary ideas were molded in the extraordinary. Where a boring old sign became a work of art… setting each client apart from the next… to stand out among the mundane. This was the goal Grab-U-Graphics was determined to achieve, and achieve it with excellence!

Today, Grab-U-Graphics has grown into a living, breathing, working, innovative machine where any form of art and craftsmanship is taken seriously and has become a very real platform and space for anybody to walk into and believe their idea will become a reality…

We take on any project and turn it upside-down, do the hokey pokey and shake it all about, what happens next it just pure magic. In a nutshell… a touch of brilliance!

We have a select clientele whom we treat like royalty. For those who dare to dream, we have reserved a space for… right of admission reserved and by special appointment only.