Sandblast Signage

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Sandblast vinyl is the very popular alternative to on-site sandblasting. It is applied directly to existing glass and the designs are endless. Images can be printed onto sandblast vinyl for a stylish effect. Designs, words or logo’s  can be cut out of the vinyl. Another great benefit of sandblast vinyl is that it does not damage the surface and can be replaced at any time. Sandblast vinyl allows natural sunlight to filter through and also filters 95% of the UV rays which fades your furniture and carpets. Applied to windows it also acts as a shatterproof film.


We specialize in the process of sandblast imitation vinyl onto a wide variety of items such as windows, mirrors, doors, office partitions, and much more! We also offer sandblasted vinyl onto larger architectural glass items such as shower doors, glass balustrades, decorative splash backs and designer mirrors with colour, table-tops, as well as photographs sandblast vinyl onto glass, mirrors.

Sandblast vinyl is a film that looks just like sandblasting! We apply the sandblast vinyl on-site. We have an in-house design service

For all your personalised artwork requirements. Should you wish to match a pattern from another item such as a company logo, fabric, wallpaper, wrought iron or tiles, we can help you to incorporate that design into a sandblasted glass finish. We offer a design, manufacture and installation service.